Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5K Debrief

I think enough time has passed for me to try writing about my first race. It was not pretty. But, I did it, and I can find some positives now. The issue is I have never liked running. But when you need a most convenient form of exercise, there's not much that beats it. Luckily I'm married to a runner. Not a pro, elite guy, but he was a darn fast collegiate athlete. Let's just say his idea of amateur is a 5:00 paced mile...in a 5K. He used to be fast, which means pacing between 4:30 & 5:00 for a 5K.  In my mind that's not so far from elite.  So, that being the case, it's a little intimidating to make the decision to even try running. But, it happened and may continue to happen.

I literally started in the "run 30 seconds, walk 2 minutes" category, beyond amateur. But with Josh's help, he made me a 2 month plan ending with a 5k race at the end of June. I followed every stinking day of that plan and even when it felt counterintuitive, I trusted the plan. After all, Josh planned it and he does know a thing or two about running. Each day was in one of four categories: fartlek, progression, easy, or distance. I think I enjoyed two runs out of the two months. See, positive, right?!

I honestly enjoy getting outside at our house. We couldn't ask for a better place to run. It's right on base, right on the water, beautiful views...and if you're going over 3 miles, you're into a campground with shaded trails. Perfect.

Love my coach :)
The day came to race. As Josh said, the "hay is in the barn, Lori!"meaning you've done the work, just go show it.  Now, I'm understanding of myself being new to this, but I really figured I would be on track to pace 9 minute miles. Not too bad in my non-runner mind. Still half as slow as Josh, but a good beginner pace. HA. This is where I made several mistakes...I don't know how to pace. I thought I was going too slow, but my first mile was 8:27. Oops. Can't keep that up. Oh, and now I'm exhausted for the last half of the run.
Second thing. We live in a beautiful place, but I learned I should probably drive somewhere on the weekends to get some rolling hills. Would likely make a difference.
And last big mistake? If you practice with an iPod, are a music major, driven by music, USE IT. What do I have to prove by running without it?! Because I didn't run with it, I completely reverted to the mind battle of having zero distractions and only beating myself up thinking about how I wanted to walk. Thank goodness for having a good coach :)...Josh met me at mile 1, and then he went to the end and started walking backwards just in case something went wrong. And that's when he met the devil herself. It's hilarious now, but I was SO done by the time I got to the end. He pushed me to finish, and that's where we get into another positive. I finished without walking. Whoo! That shouldn't have even been a thought given that I had been going without walking for the last two months, but it was.
I finished with under 10 minute miles, about 9:45. This ticked me off that morning, but now I'm fine with it. Just a little too Type A with having goals and meeting them.  Some of you will understand.
hahaha...What are the odds of this happening?!

And, one of the funniest things happened after the race. We were standing around talking to our friends waiting for the raffle drawing, when we heard "Lori Beth Sink, first in females age 25-29." So I have this medal to put in a box with Josh's real medals. Too funny that the fastest girls that day were all in the next age group so by pure chance I had the best time in my category.  Another positive!

The question now is was that my first and last race? Not sure.  I really didn't enjoy racing. I definitely have to take time off for shin splints, vacation, oh- and I broke my pinky toe over the weekend.  Had the shin splints since the 2nd week but was too stubborn to stop then. Just iced them twice a day every day and prayed I could make it up the stairs in our house.  Once I'm injury free, I'm sure I'll continue to run for fitness sake, but I'm not convinced to do another race. I get the importance of having a goal, but just don't know if a race is it for me. Time will tell!
Sign from God to stop the running! ;)

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  1. This sounds like something that goes on EVERY TIME I run with Adam! Pick up the pace Emily....You're at a 29 min. run right now....Push it. Push it!

    :) We need to train together. I don't love it either, but it's a challenge. I'm exactly like you on the race finishes, and you should hear my dad whenever he finishes a race. :)

    Just move back to L-town in the next year and we'll train together! :)