Monday, June 18, 2012


In the Garden of Eden Quarters L, we are taking on a little square foot herb/vegetable experiment.  I couldn't quite convince Josh that we should take on a huge garden plot on base, and to be honest, I was a bit over-zealous myself.  Imagine that... So, we decided to take out the rotting, mismatched addition to our back patio and turn it into something useful, healthy, and happy: a garden. 

 After the boards and mismatched porch were ripped off...getting started!
 Josh did most of the labor, so I made fun wine cork markers in the meantime :)
 No rabbits in here!
 Tied off & if something will grow...
Over the course of a weekend, we (meaning mostly Josh) did some double digging, built raised bed boards, and surrounded the beds with chicken wire fencing for the MILLION bunnies we have around here.  That and groundhogs...They're everywhere! 
 The Sink Farmers
We replaced about 6 inches of the soil with equal parts compost, potting soil, and peat moss.  Carefully mark each square foot, tie it off with string (leave that to the OCD Lori Beth among us), and you have square foot gardening!  This year we decided to do some experimenting.  We'll see what grows for us, and then next year we might have two squares of the more successful plants.  We might have enough for a salad or two one day.  I'd love to invite you over to share, but Josh is one and I'm two and it's a tiny garden.  But we love it and it's enough to keep us malnourished for the summer season. ;)

The layout left:                                              The layout right:
Marigold  Cabbage  Spinach                         garlic  cauliflower  marigold
Okra         Carrot      Lettuce                         onion   broccoli      brussel sprouts
Bush beans               Lettuce                         lemon basil   thyme   dill
Snap peas                 Lettuce                         basil      sage            parsley
Pepper      Squash    Zucchini                      oregano  mint          chives
Pepper      Cherry tom Cucumber                tarragon  rosemary  cilantro
Marigold  Marigold Sunflower                    sunflower marigold  marigold

 Here are the first two updates...with plants! 
More pics to come with edibles, we hope!

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